• Image of The Lift Up - Without Dreams, We Are Only Sleeping (CD)

1. All We Ever Wanted
2. Everybody Tells Her That
3. Good Days for Bad Times
4. Galicia
5. Norfolk Street
6. As Always Is Never Again
7. Why Not Just Give In This Time?
8. We Still Miss The Ones Who've Gone
9. Without Dreams, We Are Only Sleeping

Joe Castro: lead vocals, guitars
Larry Zappaterrini: bass, backing vocals
John Paul Travis: drums, backing vocals, piano

Produced by Jim Salamone & The Lift Up
Recorded at Cambridge Sound Studio • February-March 2013
Engineers: Jim Salamone, Todd Mecaughey, Josh Aaron
Mixed/Mastered at Cambridge Sound Studio
by Jim Salamone & Todd Mecaughey • June-July 2013

Dedicated to CMT

all songs by Joe Castro Brevoort
copywrite © 2013 mightyjoetunes, BMI